Altered State

Altered State: 'A state of mind that differs from the normal state of consciousness, typically one induced by drugs, hypnosis, or mental disorder' (Oxford Dictionary)

This collection was devised as part of MA studies exploring the links between altered states, creativity and mental disorders, the  2 year investigation combined in-depth research with innovative practical experimentation using surface pattern design across various media.

The final Range has been designed to be read as a journey of an Altered State experience,  visually representing the journey of a disturbed mind, to aid in understanding the process and nature of the condition. Utilising Victorian Gothic inspired style, densely entwined repeat pattern designs suggest being caught within a web of repetitive thought patterns and behaviours and express feelings of instability and the Uncanny an altered state experience can cause.


The 24 repeat patterns, under the overarching title 'Altered State', are ordered into 6 mini collections. Each Mini collection consists of 4 designs, and is arranged thusly: 1 main design, 1 secondary design and 2 co-ordinates, each has its own heading and works as a standalone collection as well as part of the overarching thematic story. The naming and order of the designs are as important as the actual designs themselves in the telling of the journey.

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