Mutation Botanica

The Mutation Botanica collection is based on the theme of botanical hybrids and the Victorian fascination of collecting curiosities, and displaying new and strange discoveries from the natural world. Mutation Botanica explores the light and dark sides of the Victorian Collector. The designs are created with a combination of hand-drawing, watercolour painting, photography and CAD.


The  theme of the hybrid is a strong element, with the underlying concepts of mutation and things being ‘not quite what they seem’. Inspired by a Victorian Gothic sensibility and leaning towards the formal structure and layout of designs of that era. I have also taken the mood and attitude of Victorian society as inspiration, splitting the designs into 2 sub-themes: Dawn and Dusk.' Dawn' designs relate to the high moral standard, philanthropist type, with their hopeful outlook and desire to make a better life for the underclasses, whereas the Dusk themed designs are related to the behind closed doors, immoral behaviour of the repressed personality as a consequence of fitting into straight-laced society. Therefore  ‘Dawn’ designs have a  lighter feel with a relaxed, flowing style of repeat pattern and a sense of space. Whereas ‘Dusk’ designs are more structured to give a feeling of constrainment and uneasy order, they have more saturated, darker grounds and a more macabre atmosphere. Although the motifs used in both themes are the same, the treatment and colour usage differentiate them whilst retaining enough similarities to create a coherent collection. All designs are intended to be beautiful and strange, however the dusk themed designs have that extra uneasy edge.


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