Organic Anomaly

The focus of this collection is based on Genetic Engineering, Animal Anomalies and Hybrid Creatures. There are three mini themes:

1)The Extinct/Endangered theme is based on de-extinction and the bringing back to life of extinct animals through genetic engineering.

2) Mythological creatures theme comes from the paintings of William Burges on the walls of the Victorian castles he designed, the creatures were partly from his imagination and partly inspired by medieval illustrations. 

3) The Hybrid theme imagines what future genetically altered animals may come to look like. If we can bring extinct animals back to life by manipulating DNA could we not use these developments to one day create new hybrid creatures from our imaginations? therefore the Hybrid theme consists of newly imagined creatures spliced together from elements of the previous two themes.


All designs use the thematic style of Victorian High Gothic to create a unique, sophisticated yet quirky collection. Based in traditional styles but with a contemporary edge.

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